Buying a house in The Netherlands

You want to buy a house in The Netherlands. Where do you begin your search, and when is the house really yours? With all advisers under one roof – from mortgage adviser to estate agent – we have the expertise to help you out during your quest.

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Where to start?

Before you go crazy on the house selling sites or place a search request with a real estate agent, it is useful to know within which budget you can find your dream home. What kind of loan can you borrow and what do you have to spend? What can you afford and - at least as important - what do you want to pay?

Together with our our mortgage advisers and our real estate agents we will be happy to help you answer these questions. You can contact us to arrange an exploratory meeting with one of our agents, without any obligation on your part. We can also put you in contact with one of our mortgage advisers for financial advice.

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Our team consists out of 13 professionals who have a great deal of knowledge about the Zaanstad area, and who are well aware of local developments due to their large network. They know better than anyone how to support you in buying a house.

Are you looking for general information about our services? Please use the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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